• Because of the feature of high simulation with natural veneer, variety of color and texture, more and more designers like to use engineered veneer as decorating material. FINWOOD engineered veneers are widely used on the famous hotel projects such as: DUBAI ATLANTIS HOTEL, GUANGZHOU CHATEAU STAR HOTEL, CHANGZHOU INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL, NINGBO PANPACIFIC HOTEL and so on…

  • The unique and novel design of engineered veneer and its stability and unity are more and more favored by the famous brand multiple shops. There are thousands of new chain stores opened all over the world every year. The unity of engineered veneer could guarantee the unity and consistency of decorating style of every store. FINWOOD engineered veneer have been used on many famous brand for decorating such as: PAGET,, LV, A.TESTONI and so on.

  • As the products developed and innovated, more and more refined decoration projects choose engineered veneer as indoor decorative material. Application of case includes:The Springs uptown Shanghai by TISHMAN SPEYER ESTATE、the Charming Town of Wuxi by VANKE ESTATE、the Guangzhou Star River Peninsula by STAR RIVER GROUP、the Shunde Blue Cassiabarktree Garden by COUNTRY GARDEN ESTATE and so on.

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