First, what is the veneer of science and technology?

Technical veneer, also known as artificial veneer or reconstituted decorative veneer, English name Engineered veneer or recomposed veneer. Science and technology is a common wood veneer (timber) as raw materials, using the principle of bionics, through a performance of ordinary wood, fast-growing wood of various modified processing production of superior wooden decorative material. In simple terms, it is used low-grade raw materials processing into high-grade decoration materials, cheap tree species processing famous tree species.

Two. Processing technology of veneer

The log is cut into veneer - Veneer Bleaching, dyeing - drying - matching - Repair - glue - glue molding - sawing - cutting - drying - sorting

Three, superior features of scientific veneer:

1, high simulation, unlimited creativity

Science and technology can not only produce varieties of veneer with natural texture and color of precious wood species very similar, but in order to "people-oriented science and technology", the use of flexible design, create personalized varieties of every kind of. Our species include: oak, ebony, zebra wood, rosewood, maple, cherry, teak, walnut, chestnut, black spot, root, such as cat's eye and special customized varieties of conventional varieties.

2, outstanding features, avoid controversy

Natural science and technology without wormholes, defect veneer knots, discoloration and decay of natural wood natural, with better physical and chemical properties, and its texture and color have certain regularity, consistency, to avoid a lot of defects due to the natural color and caused controversy.

3, high utilization, processing convenience

The size of technical veneers is uniform, and can be processed into different specifications according to different requirements, so as to achieve the full use of raw materials. At the same time, the processing of scientific and technological veneers is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving.

4, green environmental protection, from its own

It is great to replace the veneer of science and technology increasingly scarce natural resources, the protection of the original forest resources of the earth, at the same time the company for technical veneer products tailored E1 glue have also reached the standard of environmental protection, science and technology veneer is really environmentally friendly products.

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